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Repossesion / Replevin

  Victims of fraudulent auto sales and wrongful repossessions can fight back. As a consumer in Maryland, you have rights and defenses when against the dealerships and banks. Maryland law provides restrictions on when a car can be repossessed and how the repo agent can repossess the vehicle. Take the first step and get an experienced, knowledgeable consumer advocacy attorney on your side today. Learn your rights and how they can be protected.  


Credit Card Debt

  Are you being harassed or sued by a debt collector? 

  Take Action to Protect Your Rights. Talk to a Lawyer. 

  State and federal laws provide specific protections for consumers and clear rules regarding how businesses should conduct themselves in any customer interaction. If you have been struggling with debt, and feeling overwhelmed from the stress and anxiety, then call the attorneys at Enekwe and Umeh Law Center, LLC.  


Breach of Contract / Landlord Tenant

  When you enter into a contract, the parties usually intend to abide by the terms of the contract however circumstances change. Whether your situation involves a landlord tenant lease, storage facility lease, vendor contract, or commercial contract, our team has the experience you need to advocate for you. 

   We provide counsel, arbitration, and litigation services for property managers, landlords, or tenants facing disputes regarding their rights and responsibilities under Maryland law. Our firms experience with handling landlord tenant matters in court, means that you will have experienced and knowledgeable counsel assist you with resolving your matter.